Girlfriend Reflexology Course
35 min ¥5,000(Only Akihabara)
65 min ¥7,800
95 min ¥11,800
125 min ¥15,800
155 min ¥22,000
185 min ¥28,000
+20 min ¥4,000
Men's esthetic course
65 min ¥15,000
95 min ¥20,000
125 min ¥25,000
155 min ¥30,000
185 min ¥35,000
+20 min ¥5,000
Body wash/mixed bathing course
65 min ¥20,000
95 min ¥25,000
125 min ¥30,000
155 min ¥35,000
185 min ¥40,000
+20 min ¥5,000
Bikini Free
Micro bikini +6,000 yen
Nano bikini +7,000 yen
Bikini that melts in water +8,000 yen
Body wash/mixed bathing course (two or more girlfriends)
65 min ¥45,000
95 min ¥70,000
125 min ¥95,000
155 min ¥130,000
185 min ¥160,000
+30 min ¥30,000
Walking date course
65 min ¥15,000
95 min ¥25,000
125 min ¥35,000
155 min ¥50,000
185 min ¥70,000
+20 min ¥10,000
Photo nomination fee 2,000 yen
Nomination fee 5,000 yen
change not allowed
Hug ¥1,000
Buttocks pillow ¥2,000
Uniform change ¥3,000
Facesitting, Sex toy ¥5,000
Reverse reflexology ¥6,000
Girl's original option Ask the girl directly in the room ASK
Gym clothes, maid, nurse, police ¥2,000
Bikini, boyfriend shirt, school swimsuit ¥3,000
Sexy maid, sexy see-through sailor ¥4,000
Sweater that kills virginity ¥5,000
Micro bikini ¥6,000
Nano bikini ¥7,000
Bikini that melts in water ¥8,000
Girl original cosplay ASK

Kyou-Kano Full couse !!

Services for foreigners
80 min ¥60,000
100 min ¥100,000
Kyou-Kano Full couse  is Men’s esthetic course Body wash/mixed bathing course
 Walking date course.

You can play all courses freely within the time.
Furthermore, Nanobikino’s costume is free.
All options on the homepage are also free.
For details, please contact the staff.

Refer a friend and get a bonus!

You and your friends can get 50% off tickets!

If you introduce a friend after using our course of 65 minutes or more…

Receive a 50% discount on the basic course.

To you and friends !

For details, please contact the staff.


At “Today's Girlfriend”, you can spend a flirtatious healing time with your new girlfriend!

There are various ways to enjoy yourself in this world, such as JK reflexology, men's esthetic salon, body washing, and rental girlfriend dating.
However, do you have trouble finding a variety of establishments or meeting the girl of your dreams?

“Today’s Girlfriend” aims to be a place where you can experience all of these things in one store!

Enjoy the first time in a new relationship with a refresher course!

Enjoy close flirting with her in an authentic aroma men’s esthetic course!

Enjoy a sweet and naughty time with a micro wash and mixed bathing flirting course!

Enjoy a lovely date with a cute girlfriend on a walking course!

The ways to play are endless! She is at her boyfriend's (customer's) mercy!

Enjoy a blissful date with a younger girlfriend in a JK uniform at “Today’s Girlfriend”

*Precautions *.

・We do not allow persons under 18 years of age to use or view this site.

・Forcing sexual services, acts that the girl does not like, and acts other than the course are prohibited.

・Forcing services such as touching without paying compensation.

・When many NGs are received from the cast


・We do not allow people in the same industry (restaurants, esthetic clinics, tour stores, etc.) to use our facilities.

・Gangsters, competitors, hosts, tattoos, foreigners, scouts, etc. are strictly prohibited.


・Others who are deemed to be unsuitable for our establishment are prohibited from using it.

Please note that no refunds will be made in the case of withdrawal from the course for the above reasons.

If you do the following we will definitely charge you a fine.

Eavesdropping and spy photography: 300,000 yen to 700,000 yen
Rape: 300,000 yen to 1,000,000 yen
If a woman quits the establishment due to the above actions 1,000,000 yen to 2,000,000 yen.